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Our guesthouse is located in the picturesque community of  “Prad am Stilfserjoch”, population 3,600, at the beginning of the world famous panorama highway leading to the Stilfserjoch also known as Stelvio Road. Situated in the heart of the apple valley, “Apfeltal Vinschgau” in the western part of South Tyrol, the village is part of the “Stilfserjoch National Park”; the first and largest in Italy.
Our village is a central starting point to many journeys to surounding areas but also to bike or hike tours.

Other sightseeings are:

  • Aquaprad - Water is the main theme at the Nationalparkhaus aquaprad. 35 local fish species can be seen in twelve spectacular tanks.  In an impressive manner, visitors will receive insight into the local fish fauna – from mountain streams to rivers, from high mountain lakes to the floodplain. 
  • The ruin of Castel Lichtenberg.
  • St. Johann an old romain church.
  • The Prader Sand the delta of the Sulden river "Suldenbach" nearby are 3 fishing lakes and the Fisherstube wear you can get a great lunch.

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Pension Astoria
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