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Weather forecast

The Vinschgau Valley (Prad is on the far left of the South Tyrol map) is the part with the least rainfall in South Tyrol and is also one of the driest areas in the Alps. The number of sunny days is considerable and the climate is particularly mild. It is not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter.

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Weather in Val Venosta, South Tyrol

Stand: Thursday, 14.11.2019

Weather today

Maximum temperatures between -1° and +5°.
Aktuelle Wetterlage: High pressure conditions.
Sunny weather in the afternoon. Clouds will increase in the evening with new precipitations in the night.

Weather tomorrow

Rain and snow
Maximum values from 2° to 4°.
Aktuelle Wetterlage: Low pressure conditions.
Precipitations will spread out in the morning over the whole region. Level of snow fall mostly between 500 and 1200 m, temporarily higher in the eastern parts.

Thursday, 14.11.2019
Partly cloudy

Tag (max|min): 4°C | -4°C

Friday, 15.11.2019
Dull, moderate snowfall

Tag (max|min): 4°C | 2°C

Mountain weather today

High pressure conditions. Mostly clear sky on the mountains, in the evening clouds will increase.
0-degree-limit: 1300m
Wind: strong southerly

Mountain weather tomorrow

Partly heavy snowfall
Low pressure conditions. Widespread snowfall, up to 50-70 cm of fresh snow is expected in the southern Dolomites or on the central mountain groups.
0-degree-limit: 1200m
Wind: heavy southerly

Weather forecast for the next days

Friday heavy precipitations

Saturday, 16.11.2019
Dull, slightly rain
Reliability: 70%

Day (max|min): 7°C | 4°C
Night (max|min): 3°C | -1°C

Sunday, 17.11.2019
Dull, sleet
Reliability: 70%

Day (max|min): 7°C | 3°C
Night (max|min): 4°C | -2°C

Monday, 18.11.2019
Very cloudy
Reliability: 70%

Day (max|min): 7°C | 4°C
Night (max|min): 5°C | -1°C

Tuesday, 19.11.2019
Dull, sleet
Reliability: 60%

Day (max|min): 7°C | 4°C
Night (max|min): 5°C | -1°C

Daten: © Weather service Autonomous Province of Bozen/Bolzano