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Summer im Vinschgau

Boredom is a word that hardly appears in the Vinschgau vocabulary because the range of cultural activities and sports is so varied. During the summer you can explore the area by on walking paths and or hiking routes, someof many start directly from our guesthouse. Hikes at all difficulty levels and degrees are available, some leading to the surrounding mountain peaks.

Another special feature of the Vinschgau , many ancient irrigation channels, the so called 'Waalwege'. Originally, the paths along centuries-old watercourses on mountain slopes were used for the maintenance and cultivation of agricultural land. Without this network of irrigation channels, the valley with its dry climate would not have been manageable and there would have been crop failures and famines. Nowadays sprinkler systems take over and the narrow paths along the watercourses are popular hiking trails and witnesses of bygone times. The old profession 'Waaler', the administrators and guardians of this system, has nowaday changed to a irrigation system supervisor.

The Vinschgau is particularly charming because of its impressive cultural landscape. It is not for nothing that the valley is called the cultural region of South Tyrol. Many old pagan customs and countless castles, palaces, monasteries and churches with frescoes and works of art from over 10 centuries belong to the cultural treasures of the Alpine valley.

The Vinschgau is also known and loved by many motorcyclists who come to the region year after year. Prad is an ideal and central starting point for numerous tours over many Alpine passes in the vicinity - with the queen of the pass roads, the Stilfserjoch, right on your doorstep. From here there are many day trips such as over the Ofenpass, the Gaviapass, the Tonale down to Lake Garda and back again. Directly in the border triangle, between Italy, Austria and Switzerland, the Astoria offers an ideal accommodation.